Character Unable To Move In Playtest

Hey, whenever I load into a play test for Roblox Studio it doesn’t let me move. It doesn’t load any animations, or anything. I contacted ROBLOX support but they didn’t help at all.

What have I done so far?
Reinstalled the app 3 times, and uninstall al my plugins and deleted every script in the game.

What else happens?
It happens in every game I click playtest on.

Please help, thanks so much!

If you need screenshots or a video let me know.

What button on you pressing? I’ve never heard of playtest, only teamtest.


Ahh, sometimes I get a lag spike for a few seconds because of the amount of parts in the game. Does it work now on a normal baseplate?

Nope, not in any playtest. It’s not lag, I have a good PC and everything else works smoothly.

Alright, that’s not a bad start … have you tried to do the following;

  1. Reducing the graphics level if you have it manually set (under Studio settings);
  2. Ensuring your keyboard and mouse are working with Studio;
  3. Checking your network connection, sometimes nothing loads in if that’s the case.

Let me know if any of these helped! If not, I’d recommend searching the DevForum for some possible answers.

Also in addition to following the feedback from above make sure your keyboard selection isn’t hovering on anything.

I have check all of that and searched the DevForums, nothing though.

It occasionally works, thats the problem.

Can you send us a video? Also is there anything inside of the output? Perhaps you a plugin with a virus.?

Ill film now. (20 chars)


Sorry for the late reply, had to go then. This is what happens:


EDIT: Sorry for the low quality, had to convert it so it would accept it.

Which plugins do you have?


Perhaps one of them is fake or infected, try disabling all of them and see if an issue arises?

I have done that, but for some reason it won’t let me delete the ‘bevel’ plugin.

Let me try it again.

Deleted it and it still does it 1/2 the time.

Is this on one game or all games?