Chat System (READ)

Hi! I’ve seen in many games when you say “ez”, The game changes what you said and says another thing, like “Good game.”, “I didn’t say this…”, How can I script that?
Here’s a video showing what I mean

There isn’t a way to script this, if there was, many games would be using it.

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I don’t think you can script this, and if it were possible developers could abuse the chat system and make the user’s message change to, for instance, a swear word, which could also lead to false user termination.

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There is, I’ve seen it in 2 games, The Wild West and ZO. I’ll record it on ZO, look.

I think it is possible, if you delete the word and make it send a different one from a Robot that matches the user but with different text.

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It might be possible cause they already did it :joy::joy::joy:

This may have been possible with either very advanced scripting or with a third-party.