Chatgpt 4o is taking over Roblox scripters

I cant believe how fat Chatgpt has come, I scripted a whole Prison RP game using chat gpt, mainly like 5 scripts and the rest being paid models but you get the point. It’s also really good at debugging already made scripts as I have tried that and worked almost every time. I made a TeamMorph, Main Menu Team Changer With Group Rank Minimum Requirements, Team Changer part that once touched changes a player who is on inmate team to “Solitary” and has a visible counter counting down until Solitary is over. I am actually really impressed with Chatgpt 4o and It has saved me TONS of money by not having to hire scripters. Do you think this is a good or bad thing?

bad because i spent 8 years learning luau :pensive:

If you’re an advanced scripter dont worry as much as people dont really know about Chatgpt’s capabilities with Lua Scripting. Also Chatgpt doesnt do the best with advanced scripts so I wouldnt worry until chatgpt 4.5o :sob:

I’m sure this will start a lot of fury in-between people, but surely your game may not find success if you don’t even understand what the scripts you are writing are doing?

It isn’t. Advanced scripts will still need scripters. If anything, it is helping scripters do their jobs, considering they can get instant feedback on anything they’ve written.

As a user who uses ChatGPT 4o a lot for Roblox scripting, I can say its a good thing; however, I do think this is bad. It’s a good thing because users can have more accessibility and help when scripting and you don’t have to hire scripters. Bad thing because scripters won’t be able to get paid + there will be more AI generated games.

ChatGPT tells you what every script does and how it functions, it tells you how to set things up like a GUI, right now I’m making a bookingGUI for my roblox PrisonRP game and I’ll keep you updated about that.

Yeah thats what I said, the most advanced script It could really make me was a TeamSelection Main menu which works really good.