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Greetings! Me and @Boo are currently making a brand new ROBLOX Check-In System!

So far, there are 2 versions. Check-In + and Check-In Ultimate.

Check-In + is entirely free, but lacks in features. We only allow 1 room type for the free version.
Check-In + comes with a self check-in, as we are currently working on a standard staff check-in.

Check-In Ultimate, which will be 100 robux, will include all of the features, with a point system, unlimited rooms, 2 room types, and much more. Me and @Boo will edit this post when we get more updates!



Thank you,

(please note that currently, the self check-in is currently FULLY scripted, but we will add more.)

UPDATE: The button “ripple” effect is currently buggy.

UPDATE: Fixed the ripple effect. Post below if there is any bugs!

Checkout Bug:

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Join the game. Lemme see. :smiley:

the ripple effect/checkin background always has errors, but does not effect anything

Seems to, it doesn’t remove my card?

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weird… it does for me… join the game

You probably know this but, the Check Out doesn’t work.

When I put off my ticket it gets rid of it and wants me to check-in again?

you can check in again.

you dont have to. we are currently working on the open/close script

The system works fine for me, however, the UI has uncentered elements, and it just overall seems a bit “messy”.

The “Made by…” isn’ touching the bottom and that annoys me - and the “Check-in+” waster mark has the + on another line. Also, the “Welcome home, peterwxshere” is also un-centred. Additionally, the little box with photos was very confusing, as I thought I had to click it.

Otherwise, like I said, the system works, but the “Fetching API” UI button never removes itself - and I’m unable to check in again.


want to help us? :slightly_smiling_face: hahah

I personally agree with @peter. As a UI designer myself, I can tell you that you probably need a better way to organize and improve the current UI elements. Perhaps a better color scheme would improve this, too.

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Maybe also make the UI draggable, the cookie tech check in system, can be dragged around so that users can look around when checking other users in.


it used to, but it broke- lol

Oh! This reminds me…

What makes your system different from CheckMeIn or the Cookie Tech one?

Why should users choose yours over those? Is there a special feature?

Sorry - I’m pretty busy at the moment and wouldn’t be able to.

It’s free, so they don’t need to pay for CheckMeIn.
It’s open source so it can be edited.