Check Rank Button

Is it possible to make it so the rank manager has a “Check Rank” button? (Like the RoScripter tutorial)

I personally think this is a bad idea for me to add to the main files as it may confuse beginners, however you can try implement it yourself, or maybe I can add an extra type of ranking centres for more “advanced-understanding” scripters.

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But yeh, an advanced type of centre would be a cool little project.

I might work on it tonight, we’ll see!

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Nice! Thanks again bro.

So, do you think you can make it? @Noah

I’m very busy atm, but I can see if I can fit some time in for it, you can try having a go though!

Thank you, but I am very confused. What my idea is: A ScrollingFrame showing game passes. A button that says check rank, and if you click it and you don’t own the gamepasses, it says: “No GamePasses Own” and if you own it, it says “Attempting to Rank” and when it ranks, it says “Ranked!” Does that sound like a plan? :smiley:

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Well, you could code this, I believe you could.

The one issue is what happens if you buy 2 game passes, you will need to check which one gives you the higher rank, and my goal is to teach people things, just adding complex pieces of code won’t help them, I would have to make an alternate tutorial for this, if people really wanted it.

Thank you, but I don’t think I can. It would be great if you could!

Possibly, my schedule is pretty clogged up at the moment…