Clone does not work for all parts of the model

So, if your not familiar with the roavation community, there is a very large group called prop. They sell ground crew equipment, all there products are secured with a MyPod API whitelist system, if the whitelist cannot find your account in the whitelist, the product will disappear. Well, I had recently purchased one of there products, and it disappeared. This wasn’t because I didn’t own it, it was because MyPod was broken. So, I reached out for public support, sombody suggested I clone it using scripts, And I did, only half of the system actually appeared. I followed all the steps correctly and still only half of the system appeared. I even took out the part that wasn’t appearing and put it into workspace, duplicated the clone script and name the part that wasn’t appearing as the object that would clone. Still nothing. Any suggestions or solutions?

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Ok! Can you show me an example?

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If you create a part you can insert a script into the part, to make it like a spawning pad?

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local debounce = false
local path1 = game.ReplicatedStorage.PropVehicle

	if touched.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
		if debounce == false then
			debounce = true
			local cloningsystem = path1:Clone()
			cloningsystem.Parent = game.Workspace
			debounce = false
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Something like this should work.

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