Cloudflare Invalid SSL certificate - RoUtilities down

Look at this screenshot:

I was going to routilities and found this error… no applications with routilities + the automatic ranking doesn’t work… welp, my application center doesn’t work.

Looks like the SSL certificate is invalid, could mean a number of different things, it’s an issue on their end though.

so no routilities :frowning:

that just ruined many roblox businesses

It’s not surpising for RoUtilities to go down … this service was created by myCenter and they always fail their customers.

Its so sad to see myCenter go down always, myCenter has such a great UI and stuff.

myCenter perm shutdown, josh changed it to routilities

Yeah. But they always have website issues, which makes them pretty unreliable.

myCenter has not shutdown. they still offer services.

Is this service stable?

myCenter is a stable service that has over 99% uptime. We take pride in our uptime and hope to improve it to 100% within the future. You using the service and help us make it more stable as well.

I dont think this quote is true.

ohh. the website was down when i checked… oops!

Yeah, not true at all … every time I try logging into myCenter every few months I experience issues 99% of the time.

That’s because the rebranded to RocketApps then they got bought out by BloxTech, you can find the, here.

I see … that’s pretty interesting to know!

back up

That’s good … but I highly predict it will go down again soon enough.

I suggest you start using readmin.

no i will not if i have to change im doing t:riza

Use tovy its better then readmin.

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What service do you want to use? not a mod but I want to help you out.