Coastal Creamery V1 Release

Hey Cookie Tech! :cookie: :wave:

I’ve got some exciting news about my group, Coastal Creamery!

Coastal Creamery, formally Coral Coast Hotels, has been is development for nearly 4 Months, and in that time, the Development team at Coastal Creamery has worked on getting the release ready, and it’s finally ready! View more information about the release below :point_down:

Release Information

Coastal Creamery V1 will release Sunday, February 25, 2024 7:00 PMSunday, February 25, 2024 8:30 PM. We’ll be doing lots of giveaways, minigames, and more. Watch the video for a sneak peek!

That’s interesting! :sweat_smile:
Out of mere curiosity, what’s the niche to your group? How does it stand out from most other groups that serve a similar purpose?

We’re currently working on a Self-Serve Ice Cream Experience, giving customers the ability to serve their ice cream and add toppings, but we’ve been unable to find a lag-free way. A basic version will be used upon release if we cannot find an easy way to do this while making it “fun” to serve yourself and without lag.

The game is very good, and detailed. However, I have some queries.

Why is the the merch store selling shirts that aren’t related to the game?


Why is it merch for ‘Caffable’?

The ‘advert’ boards seem very similar to frappes gamepass and sessions board, just for adverts.

They are very similar to frappe, but are very useful! May I ask, is this open-sourced? Or is it a paid model.

The NPCS just spawn and stay there in flocks and the nametags sometimes glitch.

Yeah, they spawn in flocks and when I wanted to walk round them to get to the starting area it was just a mass of glitches coming of the NPCS.

Overall, this game is really good. I would like to ask; did you make all of the cafe systems and ad systems? I’m sure I have seen this somewhere else.

It is amazing, and can’t wait to see the coming update(s).

The NPC there answers your question, Why isn't anything here branded Coastal Creamery?, and responds with We're trying to make some new merch. In the meantime, buy some of our partners' merch!.

The Ad Boards are "AdFlow, being sold by Caffable. They are a paid product.

Either Roblox updated their API, or something else is wrong. I can assure you the NPCs didn’t do this before, not sure why they are acting up now. We’re actively working on a fix.

Currently, due to the heavy price of scripters, we’re unable to ensure a bug-free experience, therefore, some of the systems are paid to ensure the quality meets our standards. If you’re wondering where the Drink System is from, that’s also from Caffable.

Also, if wouldn’t mind giving feedback after the review you sent was:

“The adverts, boards and stuff are practically the same as frappe. Also, check out Glace; they are a ice cream parlour that do slef serve so you’re not the first. (don’t take it offensivly; the game is really good but can do with improvements.”

Personally, I don’t see them from Frappe, unless you’re getting it from the “Modern” Style.

Also, Glaze? That isn’t self-serve, that’s the Staff Serving it. This was based on Menchie’s, the largest self-serve ice cream chain.

Hopefully, this clears some things up, here’s the full review for those wondering: