Code Assist Beta: AI powered code completion - Now out!

Introduction :octopus:

Code Assist is now in beta release! Meaning you can now use it inside of your Roblox games. Roblox states:

Our goal is to help you code smarter and faster, harnessing your full potential and maximizing your time and impact. It’s currently designed for experienced scripters but will eventually be made more accessible to aspiring scripters as the model improves.

How does Code Assist Beta work?

Code Assist AI currently suggests lines or functions based on your input. There are 2 ways the AI will make suggestions:

  • Automatically when you pause on a line for a few seconds or when the AI model gets enough context for a suggestion.

  • Manually with hotkey (this can be customized through File > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts).

    • Alt + \ (Windows)

    • + \ (MacOS)

Currently, you need to have a few lines of code to trigger a suggestion.
To accept the suggestion, press Tab, and then you can edit just as editing your own code. To ignore it, keep typing.

How to enable Code Assist Beta?

To enable the beta in Studio, go to File > Beta Features, enable AI-Powered Code Completion, then accept the legal disclaimer. If you decide to opt out, simply uncheck the feature. You can opt in and out any time during the beta period.

Code Assist helps automate basic coding tasks so you can focus on creative work, but it does not always suggest perfect code (see detailed limitations in FAQ). It is still up to you to review, test, and determine if the code suggestion is contextually appropriate.


I really am I excited to see what comes from this as we’ll need to experiment in the future! Have you tried this out? How did it go?

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I asked it to make a simple print script when a player’s username is one of my friends, he joined and I did. But it didn’t print anything.

I then found out that the damn AI spelt my friends username wrong instead of using the local variable of my friends username I provided.