Cookie Forums, please change your logo

Hi! :grinning:

I’ve been thinking on how improve this website as a whole and one minor problem. The Cookie Forums logo is not up to scratch.

It just fit the format in my opinion


Its ok however, to me, it looks out of place on the page, if you disagree, Id like you to share your opinions with me and if you do agree, great!

Since I want to know your opinion on this matter, I have created a poll.

Is the Cookie Forums Logo bad?
  • Yes
  • No

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I’ve heard issues about the logo in the past, it could be a good idea to keep the normal logo, the one we have right now & make a unique one specifically for the forums.

I believe @OH20_rbLX had issues with the logo being too small & hard to read.


I mean, the logo isn’t bad, but the black circles could be reduced and the text could be enlarged slightly.

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It isnt bad but it could use a update if you wanna go modern.

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It should be clear as it’s open source, but I see where your coming from.


I made a quick logo suggestions that Cookie Tech could use. I have attached it below:

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I think the text is blending in with the background too much, it would be better if it was more visible to people.

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Agreed, also the font I don’t like.

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I also made this agesss ago but its really bad

Yeh, the circles are kind off messed up.


Do you want me to try to make a cookie tech logo?
If you want me to, just tell me the font and i can try to make one

Heres mine:

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Roblox’s new terms over logo usage could apply to this … best not to use Roblox’s official logo on the forums site, it’s pretty risky.