Cookie suggestion add more detail to topics

So when you make a topic like say use this for this or this. Not like welcome to the #scripting-support. So you know what this is for and people will get warned for wrong catagorys less.

Do you think they should add that?

  • Yes.
  • No,

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Do not post please only like @cookie with an answer is allowed.

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Ok, I completely missed this post and never saw it.

Maybe we should change what it shows.

This is what it automatically shows for the Development Category:

Scripting support:

Public Communications:

Collaboration / Portfolio shows this:

Tutorial Shows:

Tutorial - Community Resources:

Cookie Tech Development (Only certain people can post here):

These categories are private to the average user:


Bulletin Boards show nothing, Uncategorized shows nothing, General shows nothing, Public Communications Forums Info shows nothing, Site Feedback shows nothing.

Also, if you click on categories.

And then on a category, a pinned topic will have an about info.

These categories do seem a little outdated and will be renovated shortly!