Cookie Tech, 2021 Feedback survey

Dear Cookie Tech Community, it is with great honor that I announce the September 2021 Cookie Tech Feedback Forum.

The feedback forum is something we will be doing every 6-9 months depending on Cookie Tech’s activity. Today, I present to you the first feedback form/survey which you can fill out yourself, here!

The survey is short and can be filled out quick, with a total of 7 questions that can help enhance Cookie Tech’s overall performance.

The form will be up for about 1 week.

I would also like to thank everyone who is with us on the Forums today, some time ago this forums website was created by @Noah and started off with little to no members, today we are a thriving community with many members and amazing people.

Here is the full link to the survey

Please note!: There is a new feature on google forms where they will take your email to save your progress, it looks something like this: image (7)

Rest assured we do not see your email, this is a new feature implemented by google so that if you close the page your progress will not be lost.

Again thank you to each and everyone of you, who have joined the forums and helped us become the amazing community we are today. This wouldn’t have been possible without you,

Best Regards

  • @Just_25
    Head of community enforcement,
    Cookie Tech

I’m wondering, are we still doing this every 6-9 months?

Depends, we will see when we think a survey is next needed.

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