Cookie Tech Anniversary | 2022


Hello and welcome, to the first & one of the biggest events in cookie tech history, our first annual cookie tech award! We’ve had you - this epic community & now, we want to give back to you, for giving to us.

Without further ado, let’s get right into things.

When will the cookie tech anniversary be live?

Our amazing development team has set to the task of making a fully functional live event for you and your friends to join, play & enjoy. The game is fully automated and was inspired by the 8th annual Bloxy awards.

To make sure everybody has a chance of experiencing this live event we’ve specifically chosen the best time for everybody.

The cookie tech anniversary will be live once, going live on Saturday at 10:30 PM BST, with the doors opening at 7:30 PM BST.

Here are some common time zone conversions, if your still confused with timings please contact or the @Anniversary team:

Country Day Time
Liverpool - United Kingdom Sat, 7 May 2022 22:30 22:30
Ottawa, Canada Sat, 7 May 2022 17:30
Miami, FL, USA Sat, 7 May 2022 17:30
Paris, France Sat, 7 May 2022 23:30
Madrid, Spain Sat, 7 May 2022 23:30
Paris, France Sat, 7 May 2022 23:30
Los Angeles, CA, USA Sat, 7 May 2022 14:30

What will happen during the live event?

In the live event, we have a few things that will happen, the live event doesn’t aim to be too long & simply consist of:

  • An Introduction

  • Two Minigames

  • Prizes / Awards

  • Outros

Keep in mind the game will have live music, live voice acting and a few other effects. Our team has spent a lot of time on this & as we’re still time pressured we’re aiming to give you the best results.

In the minigames you will have the chance to win some goodies :gift: , in the prizes/awards ceremony you will have the chance of winning more goodies and even some other interesting prizes (including a virtual trophy).


Now, I can already hear people asking how they can vote for their favourite people, you can vote for one person per category, you may not vote for yourself though, we’re watching! :eyes:

The winner of each poll will be disclosed in the awards when the winner will be announced & brought up onto the stage to receive their prize and trophy, feel free to vote down below!

Feel free to reply to this message to persuade people to vote for you, I would highly recommend doing this, especially if you want to receive more votes!

Categories & definitions

  • Start-up of the year - Which game/studio has been working on an epic project, the project does not have to be released or public, who do you think has tried hard to get on their feet?

  • Forums Member of the year - Who should be awarded for providing the best contributions?

  • Moderator of the year - Anybody from @moderators has a chance of winning in this category.

  • Distributor of the year - Who has made the best contributions to #tutorial or #tutorial:community-resources?

  • Developer of the year - Who has made the most progress in development & performs & shows to the best standards?

Please submit your votes!

Start-up of the year
  • OH20_rbLX - InfiniteX Studios
  • David - David Studios

0 voters

Forums member of the year
  • FeaturedOreo
  • OH20_rbLX

0 voters

Moderator of the year
  • 25swrld
  • xCamzi
  • FeatuedOreo

0 voters

Distributor of the year
  • HayHay
  • B00PUP
  • xCamzi
  • FeatuedOreo

0 voters

Developer of the year
  • OH20_rbLX
  • B00PUP
  • HayHay
  • David
  • xCamzi
  • FeatuedOreo

0 voters

Thanks, your voting happens!


What happens if I win a minigame or an award?

You will be contacted by the @Anniversary team, with your code which you can redeem at Roblox.

What if I am late for the event?

Unfortunately, the event doors strictly close, we will have no replays, however you will be able to watch a recording of the event.

Can I play on a private server?

To keep everybody on the same page, you must join the main server, private servers and non-official servers within the game can’t be used.

Interactions within the lobby.

In the lobby, we don’t have much going on, so we would recommend joining 30 minutes before the event starts.

How big are the event servers?

Our main server has a cap of 500 players.

Is this event epilepsy friendly?

This game does contain flashing lights, please advance at your own risk.

How often is voice acting used within the event?

Voice acting is a common part of the event and you may require to have your volume up, during specific scenes. :sound:

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me at @Anniversary!


We hope to see you at this year’s event, we can’t wait to have an awesome time, if you have any questions feel free to ask me, no matter the size.

That’s all from me & happy cookie tech 2022!

Best regards,



Hope everyone that they win and good luck! :smiley:

Just want to re-enforce this point, points voting for yourself will not count.

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David Studios

Our introduction

I started David Studios back with a friend (not telling who he is :smirk:) back in 2021 when I wanted to share my games and projects with a mission in mind…

”To become the best dev team with great games, not just junk.”

My first ever game published there is simple - Grab a sword :crossed_swords: and fight to the death. I’ve been working a lot and been trying my scripts in there. So it’s basically a script testing ground and a sword fighting game.

How did you get so good?!!

I started scripting all the way back in 2018. Yes, you heard me correctly, 2018! I mainly posted models of free models but modified it. This is basically how I could learn scripting. It was plain simple. Take any model which has a script, examine the code and make a few tweaks :hammer_and_wrench:

Did you get any success?

Unfortunately not, being that we’re new and that we didn’t promote enough (yes, sounds like I’m doing a confession here, but again, we at only new!) This is why I decided to make my group Startup of the Year and myself Developer of the Year

Why should I vote you?

As then we can make more games, models and other things to come in the future and achieve our main mission.

I’m also currently working on bigger and better projects and need not only my friends support… but all of your support.

We’re not just any random dev team out there…

We are David Studios

Good luck everyone! May the best win.


I love the intensity.

It is going to be tense over the next couple of days.
But, best of luck to everyone who is on there.

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About Me
Hey there! I’m @OH20_rbLX, a Canadian-based Roblox developer born in the capital of Canada. I joined the Roblox community back in mid-2019, after I heard it’s a place of endless possibilities and unlimited creations.

Finding the Forums
We all know you can check when someone joined the Cookie Forums via clicking the user profile. But, I want to be a bit more … specific, and provide more detail on how I found the Cookie Forums in the first place.

So, to make it short, I am the 3rd member of the Cookie Forums, and joined after @cookie and @25swrld on the same day, May 7th, which I remember as the birth of the Cookie Forums, also the date of the forums’ creation. I found this place thanks to @25swrld, who informed me and some other friends about the Cookie Forums on Discord.

Development Life
In the early days of my Roblox journey, I use to play several common games; Natural Disasters, Parkour, etc.

I was very curious how people managed to create these games, and so my development journey began.

I knew I had some past knowledge of coding, scripting, and building in other softwares, so I knew starting a development life in Roblox would open up huge and endless possibilities for my creativity. My story goes a long, long was from here, and my ideas never stop coming to me, hence keeping me intrigued.

Development Skills
As some of your know, I am now a professional UI designer and GFX creator, and somewhat builder/scripter.

I quickly adopted Roblox Studio, and since I had knowledge of scripting, that’s what I first started doing. It proved to pay off, even though it was a simple kill script.

My strongest skill is UI designing. I’m honestly unsure how I advanced so quickly to becoming a professional UI designer in a matter of months. It was mainly because I had an eye for organization and neatness, and because I had some interest in UI earlier on. It was, perhaps, the easiest stuff to create in Roblox Studio when you don’t yet know how to make buildings or use parts.

In-Development Goals & Accomplishments
My first actual non-testing game ever created was a simple obby, called the Obby of Realms. In this game, I put my early-day building skills to the work to just experiment … well, you know, how making a game feels like!

Over the long and winding months, I have greatly improved in Roblox Studio development; UI designing, building, plugins usage, scripting, and even more! There is a lot I have improved, and I continue to build on top of these to expand my level of creativity and confidence.

Today, I am working on extreme projects that require a lot of time dedication, effort, skill, and confidence. I believe that anything is possible, no matter what. If I wanted to create a unique game that billions would play, I can do it. It just requires specific skills and effort to become a reality.

Currently, I have two absolutely amazing projects I’m working on; Admino, and Northdrift County.

Admino was a project I came up with after getting some inspiration from HD Admin and a bunch of other administration panel addons. I thought, “This seems interesting. I can do better.” From then on, I’ve been putting a lot of my effort into making Admino become a reality, and help everyone make their game management much easier and unique from HD Admin and other similar addons.

You may have noticed that I have also been working on an extremely large project, Northdrift County, a roleplay game based off realism. I have a vision, and goal, for this game to inspire others and make their roleplay experience on the metaverse more enjoyable than ever. This game has been coming together, slowly but constantly, ever since the game was created in mid-2021.

In conclusion, I believe it is worth voting for me because I have been an extremely dedicated Roblox developer and beyond since the start of my metaverse journey. I have many goals, with most of them within reach. I always strive to keep myself motivated, healthy, and never give up on anything I do. Indeed, giving up is not the smartest choice to make, as it won’t help you improve. I believe that the most important thing of all is trying, and that giving up is not and option.


Short Summary

  • I am an extremely dedicated, responsible, and intelligent developer within the Roblox community and beyond;

  • I am the 3rd member of the Cookie Forums, joined May 7th, 2021, also what I call the day of the birth of the Cookie Forums, and the early beginnings of this great, passionate community.

  • I have several goals to accomplish, with many of them within reach in a matter of time, each goal with a vision.

  • My main development skill, in terms of Roblox Studio development, is UI designing; I’ve always had an interest in this, and this skill has come in use on several occasions.


I am working super hard right now, :crossed_fingers: I get it all done on time.

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Hey @cookie! I’ve got a suggestion, what about a new member of the month award?

New User of the Month - Cookie Tech (


Ah, okay! Thank you!

Currently finalising things on the event. :eyes:

I have a request for everyone who is inside the poll.

Please contact @Anniversary for assistance.

Waiting for a response from:

@OH20_rbLX | :white_check_mark:
@Deleted_User5 | :white_check_mark:
@Deleted_User12 | :white_check_mark:
@25swrld | :white_check_mark:
@cam | :white_check_mark:
@HayHay | :white_check_mark:
@Boo | :white_check_mark:

If you are in the polls and you haven’t been mentioned above, please contact me!


I responded. Haha.
Am I supposed to do it here?

Send a message to @Anniversary

Votes close in two hours, get to work!


Votes close in under an hour!


20 minutes until voting closes.