Cookie Tech application center vs Hyra vs myCenter

Which do you think is better?

Obviously mine, mine is a payed one so it’s more customizable and has better features.

I actually have to Cookie Tech.

Cookie tech is easier to download, and everything is done in studio.

MyCentre isn’t the best at all.

But Hyra is decent, everything is done by a website and MR+ can access the centre with the group rank set up.

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MyCenter is okay, but Hyra sucks; they banned me for no reason at all.

CookieTech is 10x better than them combined.

I agree. Anyways, Hyra is really good, myCenter also, but myCenter is like… cringe…. But, Cookie Tech One is much better than both together.

i really cant answer this from the cookie tech vs mycenter pov but i can say that hyra sucks

I currently use myCenter, only problem is that they sometimes have severe outages which can last a few hours. Haven’t tried out the Cookie Tech application centres yet but I am considering.

I definitely recommend cookie tech applications!

Cookie Tech, its cooler and better.

mycenter is very cringe, i agree…

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edit: I used to use Hyra, but I switched to cookie tech because it doesn’t have a credit logo, which is nice, and the colors are very customizable plus the “Now Ranking” text is a lot nicer than mycenter, plus I agree with @FriX_0z , mycenter is cringe lol.

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Hyra is actually expected to be shutdown.

If you go to the hyra website:

You can see it’s on “2022”, they haven’t said much publicly, to my knowledge.

Yeah. Lots of groups used Hyra.

Kinda weird imo. Idk…

I agree, strange how they suddenly dropped.

Tell me bout it. Plus, myCenter’s bots take about a month to arrive.

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It’s been almost one entire year for me and myCenter hasn’t given me my requested bot … looking back a few months ago, they say “bots should be working now.” I’m at the verge of deleting my myCenter account now.

Hyra actually shutdown due to a lack of funds.
After a recent cyberattack, Hyra APIs were spammed and overloaded. They unfortunately had to shutdown as this issue was an issue their funding cannot resolve.

The “2022” on their website represents the year of the shutdown; previously, it said 2020-2022.

After this shutdown, it’s still possible to have a Hyra center. I’ll make a post on this soon.

Tell me about it… :smiley: Idk…

MyCenter is good right now because Hyra shut down-