Cookie Tech - Increase spam due to activity competition

Hello fellow cookie tech community members!

We’ve recently noticed an increase in spam posts. When engaging with the cookie tech community, it is important to be respectful and considerate of others. This community is a great resource for learning and sharing information, so let’s keep it positive and helpful!

Offering Advice

When offering advice, especially constructive criticism, it is important to always elaborate on what you are talking about. This will help not only the person you are offering advice to, but also the community as a whole.

Requesting Help

When posting about a problem you are having, please be as clear and concise as possible. This will help people understand your problem and offer more helpful solutions.

Posting Code

When posting code, please use the code tags. This will help people read and understand your code better.

Thank you for your contributions to the cookie tech community!
Best Regards,
Cookie Tech Staff Team

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