Cookie Tech IOS Notification Concept

Hey there! below is a concept of an IOS notification for a Cookie Tech app. Let me know what you think!


Looks cool! I don’t really know if I have any feedback to provide at the moment.

That’s actually pretty good! I would love to see that in the near future!

Wow that’s amazing. I hope to see an app soon :wink:

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I believe an app already exists.

Screenshot 2022-03-30 7.33.36 AM

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That’s for desktop notifications, it would be good for all our mobile users to have a notification system to let us know when we have a message or someone has replied our post.

Yeah I already got the app, but it’s a direct access to the web, here I share a pic

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Good job @25swrld I can’t wait for it to be on the app.

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It was made by our Admin, @25swrld

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It’s amazing. Hope to see it soon!

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that’s a web application not a mobile app

Yeah, we know lol, but imagine a real app

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Ah, I see … still, nice concept :slight_smile:

Cookie Tech deserves to be a mobile app, as we get PC notifications for the website/app, it would be cool to get an app and get the notifications on there!

Yep! I vote on this for sure.

@cookie You should try and get us a mobile app for those that use a mobile device while being out, unless they take their tablet out, lol.

This is so useless I think, its basically like using the web browser just without tabs so I would just use chrome and not use that app