Cookie Tech - My feedback

Hello! like most of you all I am here and grateful to be some of the first users to use/sign up for Cookie Tech. I would like to give some feedback and I would also like it if others helped me improve my feedback or let me know if you think the same things! :slight_smile:


It’s amazing but I feel like there should be some more categories. For example you should add categories like collaboration where others can hire and put themselves for hire, and I think a resources channel would be nice for people to post stuff they made like packages, scripts, etc (you get the idea- :wink:)


I cannot express how grateful I am because of the fact that 2FA is part of this but I feel like there should be a bit more features to enhance the safety and security of Cookie Tech fourms. such as making a badge to show who’s staff of Cookie Tech. Like a basic staff badge to stop impersonators as the community grows larger over time

Those are just the 2 ideas/feedback stuff I have in mind. Comment on what you think aswell as stuff you feel that should be added related to my suggestions. Thanks!

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Hi there, thanks for your feedback.

You can check if someone is staff by Going to their profile and checking to see if they have the admin or mod badge!

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Hmmm, it doesnt show on my end


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Ah, this feature may only be available to admin.
For now you can take a peak at this: About - Cookie Tech (
Also if you ever got a warning/punished you will get a notification from @system and possibly an email.

Moderated content also becomes orange.

Here are also some of our other safety features:

  • The forum is backed up every day.
  • At any time we can anonymize an account.
  • Admins have to make a 15+ longer password and any admins added to the system must be verified by an already existing admin via email.
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Oh perfect, thats awesome. Just the badge should be able to be seen by everyone imo but that’s perfect for now.


That is kinda nice ngl.

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