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Hiya Cookie Tech Community! :wave:

As you may know the Cookie Tech Channel is growing in size, as I need to keep up with the demand it’s a quite difficult one-person job.

The title may sound all fancy, but really it’s not too much of a difficult job, it’s a bit tedious but it’s something that may be worth it in the long run - Especially if we continue to have the major growth we have today.

What we need

Currently we’re looking for 2 people, however if you think you can handle all videos on your own - let us know!

Job - Sound inspector

Recording isn’t easy, often you have to take a lot of takes in one single recording, or you may mess up a sentence and keep repeating the mistake, at the moment this is what stops videos from coming out.

We need somebody who can listen to the recording and then every time I make a mistake or you hear a major audio issue you just make a list with all the timestamps and what the issue is.


11:23 - Accident with speaking
13:12 - Repeated word twice

This will make editing a lot faster and easier.


  • We would prefer if you’re located in North America, Middle America, South America, Australia, however if you’re located in Europe, it doesn’t mean we can’t work with you.

  • You must be fluent in English.

  • You’re a TL2+ on the forums, this is for security reasons.

  • You must be hard working & efficient, you can’t make any mistakes - one mistake in the audio could ruin an entire video.


We’re ready to negotiate, we can do robux, however if need be we can do USD.


It’s simple to apply just send a message to our Video Production Team just state you want to apply and if you have any information just send it with the message!

Let’s get started and we can’t wait to see you on the team!

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Applications are now closed!