Cookie tech | We need your suggestions!

Hello everyone! :cowboy_hat_face:

As you may or may not know, we have our Cookie Tech Youtube channel that commonly makes roblox tutorials.

We would love to receive some suggestions, we’re open for all types of ideas.

Feel free to respond with your suggestion down below!

Thanks for now & bubye,

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Hey cookie!

It would be cool if you made a tutorial on making a real-time based weather display in Roblox Studio using an API, as you considered when responding to my topic here.


gave you this one already but just incase you forgot, if your not doing it thats ok but please inform me.
Video Idea: Make a scheduleing system so people a certin rank in group(s) and white listed people can set a schedule for hosting events such as shifts, trainings etc and make it so people can check the schedule.
If your doing this can you make it so that you can do everything in game and don’t need discord for it to work.

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Hmmm…. maybe a set of tutorials?

Currently the Restaurant/Cafe genre is popular, maybe make a set of tutorials on how to script one?

One idea I had in the past, was creating rank icons, like so,
(Not my image)

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How to make overheads like Coast Grill.

I would like to see a Tool Hand To GUI with player name auto fill. This would be so useful for so may groups.


Hey! Welcome to Cookie Tech!

We have a few posts on this topic - let me supply you with a few hand to systems.

This is a great one if you’re wanting to connect it to admin, and we’ll it doesn’t auto fill, you’re able to simply type a bit of the username.

On the other hand, this one has a separate gui, and is completely different. Not sure if it has autofill.

Hope this helped you, and once again, welcome to Cookie Tech!

Feel free to PM me with any questions! :smiley:

For autofill, try to find a fuzzy search system. I’ll link the one I use in a bit.

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Hey, I’m here to give suggestion for Cookie’s upcoming video, maybe it can be creating basic discord bot using discord py that connect to ro py. Thank you!

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Hello! I have a suggestion for a cookie tech video, since you posted a tutorial on how to make a CheckIn system I think a self CheckIn would be a good idea since many hotels have them?

Well, If you want that then get Checkmein, This was a Basic Check-in system I believe.

I could consider making this.

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I don’t got that much robux :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh, I understand. I don’t have that much as well.

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CheckMeIn has a basic option for 2,000 robux, which is pricey and doesn’t include anything you couldn’t make yourself.

An easier option would to instead create a command that removes a tool from a users inventory.

You could see if @RealOH20 has UI Commisions open and program a BAE plugin that checks people out, and duplicate permissions to create another level that only allows for that command to be used. Most of this would be done inside the module, which is free.

Overall, you could create your own system better optimized than CheckMeIn for a quarter of the price, so developers even accept percentage, which might be an option to look into.

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Oh- I thought this was about a check-out system… sorry.

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It’s fine, I am trying not to hire too many people since I have many developers and trying not to waste any more robux.

Well, You could do some like, If player holds E or taps put a GUI on the Screen. Then, You can add Check in and check out. Check in would auto fill your username. Check out would remove your card.

So uh, can you make a video on how to make ranking sticks? I’ve tried a lot of ways to make one but fails everytime, if you made a tutorial about it, that’ll be appreciated!


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Hey! I could do that for you!