Cookies 2022 New Year Speech

2022 New Years Speech :tada:

This post was automatically made public 10 minutes before we finally reach the new year in the UK of 2023. While most of you are with your families, or now tucked up already experiencing 2023. The UK is 10 minutes away from the new year.

The things we’ve achieved this year are phenomenal, exactly last year in December we only achieved 1.4K visits monthly, and this December we achieved over 30K visits. Let’s speak more about what we’ve achieved.

Take a look at the comparison of anonymous visits compared to 2021 from 2022

Did you know you can hide a specific label by clicking on its title, try it!

Take a look at how many contributors we got this year compared to signups, not bad if I do say so myself!

This is our average daily engaged users, look how many people interact with our forums daily!

Here is our DAU/MAU, quite cool isn’t it?

Here you can compare how many page views we got compared to users logged in.

Okay, this data doughnut may look confusing, but in reality, it’s simple! Here are how people get redirected to our site, looks like youtube is the top dog!

This graph tells us all of this data, from topics created to posts created, to likes given and flags created.

Wow & that’s , not all! Soon the “Cookie Tech - 2022 in review” will be posted and you can view who the top cookie tech user is! I can’t wait to view all the data with you & I’m truly curious about which one of you will be at the top of the list!

Cookie Tech has been a massive part of my 2022 & I can confirm we have a game coming for 2023! I would like to thank everybody who has been a part of this massive community & even if I only affect one person it was still worth it!

Thanks for making my 2022 & I’ll see you in 2023! :champagne:

Can you spot yourself?

@OH20_rbLX You’re on the render, just your layered clothing didn’t work.

Very nice!

Can’t wait to see the Cookie Tech - 2022 in review!


Am I oon there? I have no idea since i kinda change avatars too much

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Me too! Im looking forward to see the stats

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I see myself! For me, I’m in Texas, 2023 is in 4 hours. Happy new years to everyone!

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2023 is in an hour and a half exact for me in the Ontario Canadian province, I believe western provinces such as B.C. will be in the new year a bit later.

Happy new year to all! Let’s hope 2023 marks the end of these difficult times. :sparkler:


I found myself, but my jacket has been forgotten. I might freeze to death. :cold_face: