CookieTech Check-in system 'Gamepass' room add-on

I love the check-in system; the fact that it is free, beautiful and simple to setup and use it amazing. I do however have one question:

I need to find a way to make ‘Luxury rooms’ an option as a gamepass through the check-in system as I have spent ages making a hotel with Luxury rooms but didn’t even think to make sure the check-in system had it.
Is there a way of doing it? If so, please reply.

Thank you.

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You would probably have to change the UI & add a custom function and edit the check in functions.

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Would this be complicated to do? I’m not great at doing scripts or anything like that.

Quite possible, I’m not sure the commitment that would come with this.

(Also, could you please make the title more detailed and specific to this question?)

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Alright, thanks for helping. I will reply if I manage to do so.

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It’s possible you could have 2 UIs for different types.


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