Coral Coast Hotels Update Log


We’ve moved our update log to our Wiki, Please go here for the newest updates.

This is the update log for Coral Coast Hotels.

2/27/2022 Update
  • Arecade
  • VIP Overhead tag
  • Infinite Songs Gamepass
  • Now Senior Staff+ Spawn with Security Items
2/26/2022 Update
  • Devs now have a Chat tag.
  • Mods now have a chat tag
  • Trash Can at Breakfast
  • Bug Fixes
2/24/2022 Update
  • New welcome message
  • New Badge
  • Bug Fixes
2/22/2022 Update
  • Chating NPCs (May not work)
  • New admin commands
  • New colors for the Check-In system
  • Removed emotes Icon
  • Bug Fixes

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