Core vs Roblox, a new battle for the best sandbox games?


It’s come to my attention that another game known as core has started to rival Roblox. Let’s look at both platforms, find their similarities and differences.


Core advertises themselves:

Core is an endless arcade of thousands of free games to play and worlds to explore designed by a global community of developers.

Core also has a very similar protocol to ROBLOX, as in using the “Create, publish, earn” method. Relating to the very popular ROBLOX devX.

They also use an avatar builder for the users to create and make what looks like a Roblox “Rthro” character. Instead of having to pay an online currency to build/create your avatar, you have to play their games to earn “points” to design your avatars.

This is partially like “tix”, a currency you could use on roblox to get robux for logging on every day, it was removed as it was heavily abused.

When games are popular on Core, they go to a front-page, like this:

Servers work the exact same on Core.

However, here is were core differs majorly from ROBLOX, they advertise their game “builder”, to be easy and quick to learn, core uses a drop & build method, supplying creators with millions of 3D models.


Should development be so easy?

I disagree with the way core represents their way of making games, shouldn’t developing a game be a skill, something that can take years to master, not something you can make in 6hrs with some drag & drop blocks?

However, you can still code in the game builder but they used lua, almost as if they wanted to fish out developers from roblox.

But to finish this up here, core recently got a huge boost from epic games funding the project with a whopping $1 Billion Funding, this round includes an additional $200M strategic investment from Sony. Which will majorly, give them a boost.

Will they take over roblox with players?

Yes, quite possibly.

Will they beat roblox?

That’s going to be hard for core and is most likely going to not happen.


Roblox is advertised as:

Roblox’s mission is to bring the world together through play. We enable anyone to imagine, create, and have fun with friends as they explore millions of immersive 3D experiences, all built by a global community of developers.

Sounds familiar, right?

Core has a very similar mission to roblox. Which some people could even consider just copying roblox.

But I want to state that core being alive could benefit Roblox, roblox does not have any competitors so that when core comes along they are going to want to remain at the top of the popularity chain, so they may work and harder and update more games at to appeal as the superior platform.

Roblox needs some patching up in areas, for example, roblox pays developers poorly compared to core.

For every player in your game, core will pay you $3, this means if you have on average 1,000 players you will make $3000 a month, that’s also without adding up the game passes you can sell in your game.

For roblox, they pay their developers with “Developer exchange”, commonly known as DevX, the current rate is $.0035 a robux, which is very very low. Roblox devs, make money if users have premium or people buying in-game passes. Each hour of a roblox premium player playing for is around R$7, so it’s $0.0245 for one premium player playing your game for 1 hour, now in the big scheme, all these game passes and premium passes, can make tons of money. But developers on core with the same visits as a developer on roblox, will make more money.

If Roblox ups their games, gives the ROBLOX community what they want, improve their severs, systems, and anti hacker protection, they could keep up in the lead.

Now, what do you think?

Will core overtake roblox?
  • Yes
  • No
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Note: I’m not leaving ROBLOX anytime soon

I really did right an essay. :laughing:

Core shall never overtake Roblox.

wait, isn’t Minecraft the best sandbox game?



It seems not.

core literally copied roblox with its games, for example arsenal it copied the maps entirely the same, they even copied piggy aswell and disney so they’re getting DMCA takedown’s and lawsuits left right and center, also the graphics arent even that good

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I was concerned something like that could happen, that could end-up as a big disaster for core.

They’re a few pros and cons between Roblox and Core … one factor can be that avatars are much more realistic compared to Roblox, however you can’t import meshes which kind of brings a downside to game development. It could be an oppurtunity to grow your game on Core, though, because it’s fairly new and there’s not much competition.

I, for one, don’t plan on leaving Roblox for a while, but I’m sort of intrigued to try out Core and see what the outcome is.

I pick yes on accident! :unamused:

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One thing I forgot to mention, the website UI is just garbage. Not the entire thing, but the text labels cover up everything.

Even Minecraft’s website, which was last updated a few years ago, looks better than Core’s website UI.

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It’s not terrible, it just doesn’t seem very clean, I have to agree with you on that point.

In ADDITION to that.

This might be new, but they’re 100% trying get users from other platforms, it’s a bit silly, roblox, unity and fortnite don’t all create guides on how to move from Core to their platform.

These guides are a clear way of trying to farm up people, we also see they try to go for the same style as roblox, trying to entice players by using LUA.

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I thought Fortnite Creative was taken down for using a similar logo to Roblox Studio … ?

Haven’t seen that, in addition to that I don’t think having a copied logo will shutdown the entire thing, it will just force them to change the logo.

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Let’s go Roblox is the best game will never be defeated

Yea, Roblox will probably be the best metaverse game in 5 years or so. Right now it’s pretty good, but still some issues with the platform such as moderation and all.


The metaverse, I’m not the biggest fan of it.

You can see how scrappy the idea is: What Is the Metaverse, Exactly? | WIRED

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I feel Roblox is Much better as of the community, the community is quite welcoming. (Not the Events…)

Events used to be special, not anymore.