Cuffs cuffing me to the player, not the right way around

The script to give me the cuffs in the tutorial works, however when I reset they do not come back. I know this is scriptable but I do not know how to get it to work. Any ideas? Much appreciated.

You have any recordings of this in action?

The tool is ‘ISB Detain’, cuffs is a different tool for arresting however I use the same code to give it to my ISB group. Also everything is done however now the arrest tool does nothing and won’t click the model.



I have this now, but when I detain then I get stuck.


[Screen capture - 1253701090fa054fe2aaaabe524e59c6 - Gyazo]

The model is unanchored, however it still will not work. Any ideas?

Here is what I have in my Replicated storage, everything is the same as the game it worked on.


Is the detain tool anchored?

No, it is not anchored.

Can you try re-installing the model, not copying from the other game and using the cuff model provided.

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