Custom rig help

Hey there everyone!

In attempt to create more GFX designs to show on my commissions page (which was suppose to be a surprise, kind of), I decided to create custom rigs instead of importing Roblox characters.

I also have a plugin and Chrome extension that can load in assets and place them properly on the rig’s body, so that’s no problem.

However, when I load in the 1Tex.png file (which is the base character texture) into Blender, the textures are completely off on the rig, with the face being displayed on the arm and all that.

I’ve tried multiple times and, yes, I did move the rig to origin in Roblox Studio, but this still occurs for me with customized rigs only.

This problem is also becoming an issue for me, as I am suppose to introduce my next-gen GFX designs rather soon.

Any help will be appreciated :wink:


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Are you using R6 or R15?

You should be using R6.

I use R15, it’s always worked for me for my past GFX designs (via character imports). But I’ll try R6 and see if it fixes the issue.

Yes, on Blender it uses R6 if your using the thing I think your talking about.

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It worked, thanks a lot cookie!