Deleted Roblox accessories are returning?

Hey everyone!

I recently watched a video created by Roblox YouTuber Sharkblox. What he described in the video is related to the avatar catalog and is actually quite interesting.

Let me summarize it for you; some old accessories that were banned, or deleted a few years ago, are now coming back.

However, only some specific popular accessories from a couple years back are now returning for some reason. Some of them include the use-to-be popular “Chainsaw man pants v.1” as well as a golden chain shirt. Both of these were moderated years ago but have now returned!

Personally, it’s great to see that Roblox is correcting their mistakes by randomly moderating appropriate accessories, but at the same time I’m also puzzled why they decided to go ahead and un-moderate something that was moderated years ago.

So, what are your opinions? Do you think this could mean the return of even more accessories, or could this lead to something worse, such as un-moderating an innapropriate accessory? Let me know below! :heart:

Roblox could be trying to fix the errors and mistakes they have caused over the years, which if they are, I enjoy looking to see that.

If they aren’t and they are just fixing all accessories on the catalog, that’s still good but not as good as patching up the moderation.

Yep, Roblox can’t fix terminated accounts, for example.

They did manage to fix terminated accounts, but for those that have been falsely terminated was unfair for them, but also a bad view on moderation.

Yes, Roblox does not have a good moderation reputation, unforunately …