Did roblox just forget their own 16th birthday?

Hi cookie tech forums,

I’ve just noticed something so strange, today is actually ROBLOX’s birthday!?


I know, it’s crazy, this seems something that would be impossible to miss but no, no announcement on twitter from roblox no announcement on YouTube, no special birthday items?

In the UK most of Roblox’s player base is now going offline - without even realising it’s Roblox’s birthday, normally roblox makes a big deal about this, but roblox is now 16, I remember the 13th birthday:

But- What’s happened?

If it wasn’t for me randomly scrolling for interesting post ideas on twitter I would have never known about this…

Maybe this is related to Roblox deleting all blog posts before 2022?

I’m not sure, what are your views on this?


Maybe they failed their Drivers License test and wanted people to forget it was happening.

Maybe this is out of the re-brand(?) roblox has been pushing, they’ve been skipping lots of events lately.

No they definitely know, they put this caption on their most recent TikTok video.

Eh, just seems they didn’t do much…


Yeah, it would be nice if they gave out a Free Hat, or something.