Discord Bot Dev Tips

Hiya! I am an aspiring discord bot developer, and I was wondering if anyone had any useful tips? I haven’t made a bot yet, so I’m looking for everything. Good tutorials, what languages, and even recommend hosting providers! Please reply if you have anything!

Currently, I’m also trying to learn this, but my ultimate way of learning how to make Discord bots is through reliable YouTube tutorials. I believe the YouTube channel was called CodeLyon, he uploads great tutorials. I recommend going for Python as a starter as it may seem easier to code for you. You could use GitHub to host your bot because it’s completely free to use.

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You can’t use github to host bots can you?

I personally can code almost fluently in Python so that’s my personal preference , however it’s up to you to find the language you like, you should find the language that you like the look off and then go with that, for example I really don’t like javascript but others love it.

I use disnake as my preferred library.

For learning, sometimes it’s good to follow documentation & see how that goes.

Also make sure your using a reliable & safe host (not like an IDE, glitch & replit for example) but make sure your using a good text editor.

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Yeah, I meant to say you can upload bots to GutHub.


Ah, so your suggesting to use it as a versioning system with git or something like that?


Yes, that’s what I’m kinda suggesting.


Hey, So I use a website called: uptimerobot

Uptimerobot - Recommendation

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If you need help setting up throw me a message.

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I believe your using repl.it to host your bots?

A few warnings before using repl.it as your host:

  • All your code is open to the public

  • Bots can be hacked if tokens aren’t protected in environment files.

  • Repl.it is not made for hosting, therefore it is prone to breaking, killing & worst case banning your bot from discord, this is as repl.it is constantly making bot requests to discord servers, which maybe in the future could lead to bot account closure.

  • Sometimes the repls just stop running.

If your really desperate for a cheap hosting service, try going for a galaxygate vps.

My only problem with this is the payment section. I try to look for cheap free reliable hosts.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a “free” host, it’s the safest way to go, but that’s pretty much the cheapest your going to get, without risking your project.

Node.js is the top of my list here.

It’s JavaScript so it’s easy to use.

discord.js isn’t a language. Node.js is a language.
And second of all, it’s not python otherwise it would be .py
It’s JavaScript.

Oh that explains quite a lot….

Sorry, I don’t code much, but I have used discord.js.

You can also use Scratch for Discord to make a bot without coding, you’ll just need a host, you could use repl.it, but that’s free, you can add a secure variable to the code, and it should stay safe.

You should never use repl.it, repli.it is not a host, but simply an IDE. Two extremely different things, you should never host on replit.

Oh, there’s a difference?

That explains quite a lot.

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