Discord "Gift Drops" - What is it?

Hey everyone!

Recently, Discord has pushed out a new feature known as “gift drops,” it’s currently still in beta but it may be very benificial to a lot of people.

Like any game out there, there are obviously awards that can be redeemed. But, Discord has found a way to integrate that into their platform and thus encouraging users to share their screen and gamplay more.

In other words, to recieve a “gift drop,” you have to allow the setting which will send Discord some of your application screenshare data, since they will need it to determine what game you’re streaming and what gift would seem reasonable to give you.

In my opinion, this is just another way for Discord to earn more revenue, but it’s also rewarding streamers who stream a game for 30 minutes. Would like to hear your opinions!


(Please note, Gift Drops is only available in Canada and the U.S. currently)


I find this hard to believe. It is more likley theyre doing this to collect more data about you and offering an incentive to get more users to join this. Hence: more users = more data = more money since they can sell this data

Yeah, the user will have to send data to Discord, which means Discord will get more users, more data and they will be able to sell that data.

However this toggle is going to allow Discord to determine what game you’re playing and what reward to give, otherwise there wouldn’t really be a point for it.

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I disagree.

While this may be true to some extent I don’t feel that the main intention is for them to customize your gifts. Also not alot of games have gifting features built into them.

It depends, personally I’m not going to enable this as I don’t want a platform snooping into my sharescreen feed.

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