Discord Outages - Platforms breaking under the strain?

Discord is down.

Another service to go down.

Recently if you have a look at some social platforms, such as Facebook Google, Roblox are all going down, of course these other platforms don’t go down as often as Roblox.

But it’s interesting how lots of services are facing downtime every now and then.

I think that some of these systems are starting to collapse underneath the strain of so many users.

Discord recently had a major outage, which even stopped me from using discord.

I wonder if this is just coincidence or are these systems actually starting to crumble under the strain?

I would love to hear your opinion,

@Noah :cookie:

I’m sure a lot more things can be listed though, which is the concerning part…

This explains loads of things for me then.
Never experiencing discord being down lead to me thinking my Wi-Fi was just being stupid, but to think the platform is down brings loads of concerns.

With the platform being down, it take’s twice as long for the app to load on Mobile/Tablet, and it takes twice as long for servers/DMs to load on PC.

Hopefully they can get the servers back up and running by tomorrow morning because most of us like to use discord these days.