Discord Removing Tags?

Hey everyone!

Today, we have some pretty big news regarding Discord … usernames are evolving! This means a lot of positive — but also negative — changes are coming.

As of yesterday, Discord officially announced that it will be implementing a display name system, similar to how it is on Roblox and Twitter. However, I’m sure you’re already thinking of a thousand different ways this can go wrong.

On the positive side, it’s great to see that Discord will be revamping the username system and removing old-fashioned tags as identifiers. This change will show that Discord is modernizing their platform by making such a significant change.

However, there are a lot more cons than pros in this situation. Think of what hackers out there can do. They can now easily impersonate more and more users because tags will no longer be there to distinguish users apart. I recommend everyone out there to add at least one connection to their Discord account so that you can still be distinguished apart from others. Be careful! :warning:

On top of that, how will users be able to have the same username? As we all know, many Discord users aquire the same username but have different tags associated with their account. But if this change occurs, who will obtain the username? Again, this is something to think about.

In conclusion, I believe this change is good for modernizing Discord, however I’m concerned of its consequences because, clearly, there are a lot of dangerous things account hackers can now do. Much more impersonating, stealing, scamming, etc.

What do you guys make of this upcoming change, and do you believe Discord should proceed with this display name system? Let me know below! :heart:


I’ve just noticed my discord tag has been reset!!! It used to be cookie#6666 now it’s cookie#4666.


Fr! Do you have nitro? I wonder if they reset them for nitro users…

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No, I never have had discord nitro. Apart from 1 month but I never changed my tag.


Interesting! Perhaps Discord is already getting all set up and prepared for the change, my tag still remains #2124 since I’ve never changed it.


My tag hasn’t been reset luckily, however I do have nitro. It’s an interesting move Discord is pulling, however, I feel as though this will bring up many issues with Nitro users, as one of the main reasons to purchase the subscription is for the tag.


Considering that there have been a lot of Nitro-exclusive features added to Discord in the last month alone — such as super reactions and custom themes — I’m pretty sure Discord will find some way to make up for this.


I feel as if this is a good idea but at the same time could be horrible. Yes it can be very useful if they remove tags but then the name that you’ve always wanted it to be could change and you won’t be able to have the name you’ve had for like 5 years but then it would be easier for friends to friend others.

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I was pretty fine with the update but the only problem was impersonators/people who like to buy rare usernames. And that was until they made it so if you bought nitro before may the 2nd or something, you’d get the update much earlier.

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its kinda like roblox display names, at first it looks like a certain person at first but u dig deeper and find out its an imposter
they have to add something to seperate an imposter from the real person

Yesterday discord posted this:

Hey Admins and Mods,

Since 2015, every Discord username has been cAsE sEnSitIvE and had a number attached to it called a discriminator (e.g., #0001). This lets you have the same username as someone else as long as you have different discriminators or different case letters. However, this also means you have to remember a set of 4-digit numbers and account for case sensitivity to connect with your friends.

✨We wanted to make it easier for you to identify and add your friends while preserving your ability to use your preferred name across Discord. So, we are removing discriminators and introducing new, unique usernames (@username) and display names. ✨

💠 New usernames are lowercase, alphanumeric, limited to certain special characters, and do not have discriminators, making them easier to remember, read, type, and share. Now, rather than having to remember “PhiBi#8936,” you just say “I’m @phibiscool” and that’s it. Your new username will be unique to you, and when friends try to add you there won’t be any mistakes of the wrong discriminator or incorrect letter casing.

💠 Display names are what’s shown both to your friends and in communities. Think of them as server nicknames that work globally across Discord. You can change it whenever you want, and it can be whatever you want, including special characters, as long as it follows our Community Guidelines https://discord.com/guidelines. If a username you were eyeing gets taken before you can claim it, no worries — you can still use it as a display name.

📩 When you’re eligible to change your old username and claim a new username, you’ll be notified in-app. The older your Discord account, the sooner you will become eligible to pick a new username. 📩

Visit our blog https://discord.com/blog/usernames to hear from one of our founders about why usernames are changing. To learn more about usernames and display names, check out our Help Center Article https://dis.gd/usernames for all the details.

It doesn’t seem too bad in general though.


noahhaf now acquired! :smile:

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Cool! I claimed my display name yesterday as well, it’s “oh20_rblx” though I was hoping for “oh20” but it was already taken.

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