Discord Server Suggestions

Hello Cookie Tech!
I’d thought I’d give some suggestions to update the Cookie Tech discord server and make it even better!

First on the list:
A channel for selling and buying products. I think this is better because for those that aren’t in the discord server, they can see products on here, and for those that aren’t on the forums, they can still see what people are selling.

Some more activities in the server to make it more active. At the moment (please be aware this is my personal opinion), the cookie tech server seems moderately inactive, people do chat, but not as often.
I think adding more bots for activities can make it active. My personal recommendation for this is to add bots like Tatsu and UnbelievaBoat.

That is all the ideas I currently have to make the Cookie Tech server more interesting! I hope many of you have more ideas and hopefully someone takes these into consideration!


Hiya, thanks for the feedback, we would like to incorporate our own bot into the server as we want to keep in clean, what are some methods we could integrate into the bot?

Also for buying and selling there should also be a “For-hire” for people who are looking to hire people.

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But #collaboration-portfollio exists for such things like that…

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I thought this post was meant to be for the discord server?