Discussi | The new discourse

This is Disussi, the better discussion service.


If you want to contribute, simply make a pull request Discussi · GitHub – Look for the repository you choose, please put your contributions in another Branch (main is for approved contributions)


Apache 2.0

This is a WIP.

We don’t have much code at the moment, but Disussi will be superior, and will be amazing.

Open source Hosting

Open source platforms get hosted by us with priority

Thank you.

Thank you for deciding to read this, and thanks for contributing.

Your going to rebuild an app that’s almost almost a decade out, written and supported by a team of experts?

Discourse is fully customizable written in ruby on rails, doesn’t have any pay walls, is updated almost every day used by millions of users?

You’ve got so many projects running managing all of this stuff will be a pain?

You’re going to have to make admin panels, custom plugins, new themes and a lot more, also you’re going to have be ready to develop something complicated, the amount of security breaches are possible with this stuff is crazy and it’s going to be something that will take a long time to make, especially if your starting out with this, you’re going to have to create a backend and front end.

Also making everything function will be very difficult.


This is FAR out. It’s an idea that likely won’t be able to be finished, given the other projects you have.

In addition, that name is practically the same.

Keep in mind, discourse isn’t just one person, it’s a team of hundreds, spending millions on a product that they’ve profited only $20 m CAD on.

All in all, this idea is a bit wacky, and probably shouldn’t be continued with.


As others have stated - this seems almost impossible. Discourse has been crafted amongst hundreds of users & takes a lot of coding. Unless you were to unrightfully steal their code(not a good idea), you would have no way of making this yourself - and to hire the amount of people you need, you would be wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars. Plus, you’re service isn’t trusted. Users have trusted Discourse for many years & they’re a well-established company, you’ve created tons of small groups and projects that all seem to be copies of others, but now you’re going to become overwhelmed with projects - if these were running, functioning companies, you would be overwhelmed with support, issues, staff payments, costs, bills, emails, and more.


You may not believe me, but Discourse has some major security flaws.

Discourse has no major security flaws, looking for your profile I noticed you were trying to host on a heroku dyno, which will never work, if they have major security flaws why not make a pull request, or why not sell the fix to discourse, I’ve gone through a lot of bugs in discourse but I’ve never spotted a PROPERY security hazard.

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It does, if you’re not hosting on a server with the wrong configurations.


As everyone else said this would be too expensive and more, but the name sounds a lot like discourse?

“Discussion” The name is based off of Discussion.

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It still seems very close to Discourse.



it has the same meaning discourse is to converse, discussi is Italian for discussed.