Disney is suing Roblox UGC?

We’ve seen crazy lawsuits on the Roblox platform from a variety of different companies, but Disney, this is a new one!

Recently a UGC creator uploaded this:

Roblox is letting a ton of random people into the ROBLOX UGC program and it’s not very good. Many people thing this is fake but to make something like that up would be a very strange thing to do.

I can see why Disney did this as they would probably would not like somebody else to be making money over their assets.

I don’t know why Roblox aren’t trying to prevent this, it takes Roblox so long to notice what is happening and then they just delete the item and refund everybody and that’s it.

But for sure Roblox needs to add some safeguarding, hopefully people who do this keep getting removed from the program.

Also, if you’re looking to apply it looks like the queue to get reviewed is at 1 year, good luck. :skull:. Have you applied for UGC and/or how do you think Roblox can start preventing this in the future?

Basically he faked the letter and acted like he was getting sued, But no one actually sued him. He just made a note that looked official.

That’s not very funny. :skull:

But I believe if this guy does keep uploading the content from Disney this “joke” may become a reality to him. I don’t think it’s not going to happen, but it’s very possible.

People shouldn’t be making a joke out of this at all. I can tell from first glance that this isn’t an official letter as it’s very vague and lacks detail and evidence.

But I can see why many companies would want to sue Roblox, because there’s just too much copyright and too many rule-breakers, not to mention lack of moderation to take care of it before someone else forces them to.

How could this happen? I mean… Shouldnt roblox just be auto-deleting the items…? Maybe they should make it so that the first few items that a UGC creator posts need to be approved?

Because it’s very hard to “auto detect” these 3d models.

I mean just they look over new creators models before they get posted.

There are probably hundreds of UGC creators out there, having humans analyze all of them without any sort of auto-moderation is a pain to do.