Do you find building in ROBLOX easy?

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering, do you guys find it easy to build in ROBLOX? Why or why not? What could possibly make it easier? I would like to hear your suggestions, maybe I can help you out a bit!

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I don’t have an awnser for that!


Nope. Its very hard sadly. ):

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I feel that scripting would be easier because of you k ow the whole language you know exactly what to do, but with building you have to plan everything out

Yep! Your defenetly right.

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I find that scripting is scripting.

Building you need to be creative and original.

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Not necessarily, however I find it relaxing and calming.

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What do you mean? Could you respond to the message so we can see what your referencing. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I’m saying that I don’t find it necessarily easy to build in roblox- but it’s relaxing and calming. I don’t exactly understand what you mean?

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never saw this post lol. Building is easy for me, but again to make building easier I use plugins, I dont really find anything easier than building. With scripting you have to go thru a debug process if it doesnt work, and then even after that it might not work. But im not against scripting in any way lol. I just find building easier

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Well, building can be harder, as it requires more creativity & with scripting there is one way of doing it. So building requires more skill to a certain extent. It really depends what you prefer. Personally I like both.

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Does this have any relation to building in Roblox?

I think its really hard, building on minecraft is so much easier!

Building in Roblox it like medium-ish, but scripting so REALLY hard.

Scripting is something that comes with time as is building, I feel like most players find building easier.

This is probably as the concept of putting blocks together is much more simple compared to almost speaking a different language.

It’s an interesting topic, as everyone finds different things less or more basic.