Do you use a roblox extension?

Out of curiosity do you use roblox extensions for roblox.

I’m interested in if roblox extensions pose as a security risk


I use BTR, RoGold, and RoPro. All good extensions. Roblox verified.

Interesting story for me,

When I first heard from friends and YouTubers that there were extensions for the Roblox website (early 2021), I was pretty hesitant to download any extension at all. I knew BTR was a good extension, based on what some of my friends told me, eventually I downloaded it from the Chrome WebStore and used it for a while.

But after a month or so, I felt as if I was getting little to no benifit from Roblox extensions, and I just thought “what’s the point of it?” From my point of view, I was potentially risking my account just by having an extension. Because of this I uninstalled it.

I’ve gone without extensions for quite a while at this point, it was only before the summer break (late June) where I found out that RoPro was a new extention. I looked into it and decided to try it out, but again, I’m mainly a tablet player so it’s not really benifiting me unless I’m using the Roblox website. So, I uninstalled it … again.

Now that I’ve heard there’s a backdoor script in a popular Roblox extention recently, I’m considering to remove my current Roblox extension, because it’s simple — I’m not planning to lose my Roblox account to an extension, if it ever comes to that point.

I just use BTR. I know the risks that come with what I’m doing however I feel confident that my Roblox account won’t get hacked.

I use BTRoblox and nothing else.

I use no extensions. As I’m barely on the main website, they do nothing for me, if I’m on the main website I’m either looking for a game, or messing around on some groups owned by me.

SearchBlox was recently taken down and many people have been terminated due to holding stuff on there. The story was that the owner was drunk, he was on call to some friends and that he updated the plug-in with malicious code. Ik the code bit is right, not sure about the other bit :man_shrugging:


I own quite a few of the RoGold upgrades.

Doesn’t mean they’re safe. A search plugin did get backdoored, do the extensions provide such an advantage over the possible risk of losing your account?

Only use rogold, btroblox, roblox+, and ropro


I use all the reputable extensions (RoPro, RoGold, BTRoblox, Roblox+)

I use BTR, that’s it. I enjoy some of the features such as being able to use multiple hairs.

Personally, I’m extensionless.

Maybe light mode got into your brain.

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Fun fact, I use Dark theme on pretty much every site, except: Google, Youtube, Roblox, AWS & a few others.