Docs Site Beta - New Roblox Feature

Hello cookie tech developers!

Here we are announcing another cool & useful roblox developer update. Roblox recently introduced a feature by the name “Docs Site Beta”.

They state that, “We believe that comprehensive documentation is a key part of enabling Creators to make great content on Roblox”. Roblox is excited to announce a brand new feature, the “docs site”, which can be found here.

In short this is an updated edition of the roblox dev hub.

Please note that you should essentially stop usage of the developer hub as you may read deprecated information, which is not good. Roblox is going with this update to go with the theme of the new creator dashboard, talent hub & more.

Roblox also states they will be planning on enabling community sourced suggestions. This will be super useful as it will allow guides on the documentation site will be a lot more accessible & understanding to new developers.

What are your opinions on this?

Personally I find this an interesting and possibly very useful update to the development community.


I’ve seen this before, and it looks very cool! Especially the overall UI design and the organization.

It does seem like it has a few deprecated features, such as AdService, even though I have “Show Deprecated” set to “Off”

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For me it puts a bit warning on, strange.