Does anyone else find it embarrassing to say they are a roblox developer?

Is it just me, or do other people feel embarrassed to say they are a roblox developer?

Do you ever think that you will be teased for working on “another stupid kids game”.

I would love to hear your opinion and how you go around this at school,

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No, my classmates in every single grade have been respectful to me. I doubt I would be teased for that … I’ve never been teased before.

I understand what you’re saying but it does happen at school for me i dont really say much about my developing project, also keep in mind that if your friends say that its a kid game u can either go into detail or just laugh it off as a matter of fact its not, your friends are probs just jelous you have more skills than them on a computer.

Indeed. I am often made fun of in school and on Roblox. It is often used against me and I am made fun of. It is unfortunate, however I cannot do anything about it.

The best thing you can do is don’t bring it up. Just say your a developer making tons of money. :laughing:

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If you just shout in the middle of the server “HEY EVERYBODY!!! IMA DEVELOPER!!!”
That would be embarrassing, though if someone recognises you, I wouldn’t find it embarrassing at all. I would be proud.

I don’t actually, my friends support me with it :man_shrugging:

We’e talking about real life, but I say we’re your coming from, however some people don’t like others saying that because feel the person is being selfish or something, hard topic,

Oh okay, now that would be embarrasing

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Well, i had to tell my banker the other day about where my income is coming from before i could open some savings accounts. So im sitting in the bank trying to explain to this banker that i am a “lead game designer for multiplatform games” which is true but i try not to use the word ROBLOX ever. Anyway he kept digging( because its his job to know where 10s of thousands of dollars are coming from ) and eventually i said ROBLOX.

Hes a gamer so he knew about it but for the most part he was just impressed i reached the level of success i happen to reach.

So if this is your career or your making a substantial amount of money doing it really who cares what other people think? but yes. it does get embarrassing at times and i probably wouldn’t go out my way to tell people my career choices.


Yep, at least you can get some connection with the person themselves.

To be honest, in real life and someone asks you if your a dev,
i honestly dont know what i would do… i would either cringe or have a meltdown.

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