Donate | ROBLOX Donation Game

Introducing donate, ROBLOXs newest donation game made by us.

:link: Check it out here: [LAUNCH] donate - Roblox

Donations are appreciated, so if you can please buy a DF, or a gamepass!

Why would someone play your game over please donate for example
What makes your game stand out from the others?

Isn’t just the TwinPlayz Pls Donate kit?

The TwinPlayz Kit has a Live Leaderboard, I don’t think that’s here.

Ah okay, well nevertheless, the game seems very rushed in my opinion.

I would have to agree, the UIs don’t look the best either.

What’s the niche to your game?

Nope. It wasn’t that kit. Thanks for the feedback.

If you are referring to the blocky theme; that was the intention. Thanks for the feedback.

The game isn’t finished, there are still more things to come. There will also be a big change in game-theme soon.

What UI are you referring to? The SurfaceUI? If so, this is because I am mainly used to designing normal UI: not on surfaces. Thanks for the feedback.

A quick update to everyone:

Hey there, I would like to thank you for all the feedback over the past coming days. I thought that I would write a small overview of the game as some people are confused about this.

Why dose the UI look a bit shaky and rushed?

The reason for the UI looking not the best is because I am not familiar with making SurfaceUI and making that style (SurfaceUI), look cartoony.

Was this a donation kit?

No, I tried my best to script and build basic booths; expect more in the coming updates.

The game doesn’t ‘pop out’ or have a unique twist to it.

Yes, that is something that I admit. It currently doesn’t have anything that pops out; but that isn’t to say that I don’t have plans for the future.

At the moment, I am balancing several projects. I have a group project that is currently my priority and I am still working on this game.

Is there any niche to Donate though? What makes it better than PLS DONATE and other donation games?

At the moment, not much. But as I said; I am working on a game ‘redesign’.

That’s interesting. Hope it turns out much better!! :grin: goodluck with the project

Thanks, it might take a while as I am balancing my GFX & Graphics, aswell of starting a new group.

Nobody will play this. “Pls donate” has way more players therefore the chance of donation is much higher.