Drag Cuffs not working

I dont know why but when i typed the code it didnt work. When i copied the code it didnt work it says this in output. It just doesnt do anything i cant drag a player. nothing happens

Anybody know something to do with it? Thanks -Jirkosaur

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Hello, welcome to the cookie tech forums!

Have you setup the system correctly?

I think you deleted a remote event or remote function from the ArrestSystem folder inside of replicated storage.

This is everything that i have in ReplicatedStorage is it correct?
Thanks -Jirkosaur

Are those remote event inside of the model folder? - They should be under the “ArrestSystem” folder.

They were in Model folder.

Yep, try putting them under the ArrestSystem folder and see if you get any success, if it works mark my soloution as answer.

Oh its working. I putted them under arrestsystem folder and it works

Yep its working thanks for help :slight_smile:

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Okay, please mark my message as solution, thank you.

Alright its done i marked it as solution


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