Dynamic Heads - Now released!

Hey there cookie tech community,

A new feature that has been in the talks recently is finally out, some people don’t like it, others hate it. What’s up with: Dynamic Heads?

The first Dynamic Heads have been released onto the store and they allow for more realistic facial expressions, work with emotes and are going to be coming to voice chat, possibly face synced? At the moment there are now purchasable heads, however this could change.

Some people absolutely hate the idea of this coming to roblox & I don’t blame them.

What do people think of this, win or din?


I think this was a bad desicion on behalf of roblox. They kind of freak me out, roblox avatars shouldn’t blink.

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I’m alright with the heads with the black dots representing dynamic eyes, but not the head with actual human eyes on them.

This update is a 50/50 for me, as of a few days ago I’ve been using dynamic heads to see how they function with emotes in different games.

I agree, I think if it doesn’t have the “human eyes/mouth” they would be okay.

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Alright. But with the real-time facial thing, its way too creepy. I don’t really mind these ones that much!

Are those the AI meshed things? Like the apple face thingy?

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