EasyWay Status’s | Available for pre-order now!

Hello Cookie Tech! :cookie::wave:

Today, I have the joy of presenting EasyWay, owned by @luke and myself. We understand that creating and running roblox business is hard, and we want to help make that easier.

What is EasyWay?
EasyWay is a cutting edge business, that allows you to create status pages, with minimal effort (they look real nice).

Nice! How much do you charge?
Even nicer, it’s free! In the free package you’ll get a status page and amazing customer support! However, if you’re feeling a tad generous, you can support us with a one time payment of £4.99 (7.71 CAD, 5.93 USD)! This package includes priority support, and a few more perks!

Why should I choose you?
Our services differ from competitors such as Better Uptime, because their custom! You’re able to make it yours, so no more £4.50 change fee, it’s all free! With EasyWay, your status page is yours, not ours!

Primary contact: @luke
Secondary Contact: @peter

Please note that I’ve based the prices off of what @luke has given me, therefore, they are in £, however, I’ve converted them for your convenience. Prices are subject to change without notification.
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Hiya @peter, I’m curious in a free trial so I can review it for the community, feel free to reach out to me in dms.

@cookie if you’re looking for a free trial of the paid version, please contact @luke

Could we see some screenshots or previews?

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We don’t have any right now, so sorry.

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Hi Peter! Can I create one?

Our customer support team has responded to your request.

Ok. BUT also, this is from 6 months ago. How closes is it to being out?

We are unsure, apologies.

Apologies, @Sam-Happyshot10.

Oop. Sorry, didn’t see that post. Deleted the above one.

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No worries. If you need anymore support, please don’t hesitate to DM us.

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