Eloas' Mesh Livery Service

Hello! I’m Eloas, a random dude from Austria in Europe. I’m making Mesh Liveries for Ro-Aviation airlines, about 4 months from now.

Portfolio + Past Work

You may find my Portfolio and Past Work here: Eloas’ Mesh Livery Portfolio - Google Docs.


  • Easy: 70 Robux
  • Medium: 100 Robux
  • Hard + Very Hard: Unavailable at the moment.


  • As of right now, i cant do these lines like below:
    Screenshot 2024-02-08 182017
    If they only have 1 color it can might make it.


Just give me a DM on the Forum and we can talk about your request.
You can also DM me on Discord: robloxfan1298

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