Encourage! | The best plugin

What is encourage?
Encourage is a free plugin, used to encourage you <3

I spent a LONG time on this hope you love it!



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@cookie What do yall think?

Looks very good, however it reminds me of:


I don’t know if it was simply coincidence, but words of encouragement is already very popular.

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This looks exactly the same as Words of Encouragement, why would someone choose yours over a 100% trustable plug-in that’s been on the market for years?


If you ask me, this plug-in seems to be a complete copy of the already existing plugin. What really makes your plug-in any different - other than being less trustworthy than a plug-in with tons of downloads?


I wanted to remake this but a free version :slight_smile:

Words of encouragement is free?

Okay, I can see why this may be used.

No- its 25 robux.

it won’t let me install

But it’s trustworthy, and has been on the market for years, I wouldn’t mind paying 25 robux for something we know is safe.

Here’s a direct comparison:

I think never someone buys it and others reasons is because you don’t have any overview of what it can do, I will now not buy it because I don’t know what it does.

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Well, Originally I was going to make a plugin called ‘Discourage’ but I decided against it. Some of the code will probs still be in there.

I think you should probably add a description and thumbnail, just so people don’t think it’s a virus.

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Any ideas for description?

ps when u run it, it only asks for access to a github page, thats the word list.

The Avatars seem to not be showing up…

very good plugin (20 chars)

Thank you for your praise, I might work on the plugin again soon!

That will happen, have you allowed HTTP to it?

Yes, I do if I’m right.