ER:LC | April Fools Day

So, it’s this time of year again, 1st April, the day many of us take advantages and annoy every single person around us!

Right, let’s get into the topic!

I was playing ER:LC earlier with some of my friends, and we had noticed loads of things happened within ER:LC.
They had done:

  • Put most buildings upside down, preventing us from getting in, however, they had a solution to that by adding way’s to get into the building.
  • They had turned the logo upside down, this is a nice little touch to show things have literally gone upside down within the game.
  • The lake has now gone multi coloured 0.0, never thought I’d see that within a Roblox game!
  • The wooden bridge, is now upside down meaning it’s a very thin gap to get through the bridge.

So, what are your opinions on this update?!


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