Error exe V4: game.ServerScriptService.exe_manager Module installation failed

Hello There!
Error: “game.ServerScriptService.exe_manager Module installation failed. To resolve, open Toolbox, search for, and install the installation Manager model.”


I encountered the following error when running my map: “game.ServerScriptService.exe_manager Module installation failed. To resolve, open Toolbox, search for, and install the installation Manager model.”

.Script Name: “exe v4”
.Replication: The error occurred unexpectedly after using the script for a few weeks without issues. I can replicate this error every time I run my map now.
.Previous Errors: I have not found any similar errors in the community posts or forums.
Temporary Fix: When I delete all files related to the “exe v4” script, the error disappears completely.

You probably need to update. Not too sure.

Update Roblox Studio or Exe?

Why not do what the errors says, also what is producing that error box, never seen that before, is that related to exe?

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I tried looking for the ‘Installation Manager model’ in the toolbox, but I couldn’t find it. I searched some Roblox forums and found mentions that it might be a script virus. The error points to files in the exe_manager, and when I delete all the Exe V4 files, the errors disappear and my server runs fine again. I’m trying to find a solution because I believe this panel is the most modern and complete one on Roblox.

Note: I had been using Exe V4 without any problems for over two weeks, but now this error is preventing my server from running.

There’s a good chance it isn’t listed as “Installation Manager module” on the Toolbox, or in fact listed at all, it might be a script or something you have to enable in the EXE configs.

That’s quite strange, is it possible you have a duplicate of EXE in your game? Since you deleted all of the files I don’t see how it would possible for EXE to run after that.

Also, I’m sure you’ll find an official place for EXE support, so you should probably check there as well (maybe comment on the EXE DevForum post, see if they have a Roblox group or Discord server too).

I faithfully followed the YouTube tutorial Cookie Tech.

I might have expressed myself poorly. When I said I deleted all the files, I meant I deleted all the EXE files, and my server worked again but without the EXE. However, when I set up the EXE again, the error comes back. What’s strange is that it worked without any issues for three weeks, and without changing anything in its files, it suddenly started giving this “Installation Manager model” error.

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Check if HTTPS Requests are on and API Services are on, if that doesn’t work consider posting on the DevForum post as @OH20_rbLX stated.

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Hmm, I don’t know if exe is actually causing this issue, try globally searching for JointsService.

Perhaps you have a virus somewhere installed? I am unable to replicate this behaviour.

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