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Aloha! :wave:

My name is Peter, this is my first post. I have owned plenty of groups, consisting of Air Lugia, Moss Bakery, Bayview Aquarium, Regal Teahouse and glow corp.

None of which have grown much. But I wish to change that.

I apologise sincerely if this is not the place to post this, but I’m wondering if anyone knows anyone who develops for percentage (%). I am creating a Hawai’ian restaurant similar to those below.

Similar Companies

Kecai (Kecai - Roblox)

For those looking for our group I will link it here. Our group was previously named Fudge Cafe and I have since then re-branded, I am working on a logo.

Additionally, any support regarding uniqueness and growth, I would love your support on.

Thank you,
Peter :heart:

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I am open during the weekend. I can do many scripts/builds. I can do /groupshout and it changes the shout through roblox, /fire, /promote and in discord, I can do /suspend etc.

Me and @HayHay could do this.

Thank you SO much! I will send a Private Message going over a bit more details and how much percentage you and @HayHay are wanting! Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Out of curiosity, are you hiring UI designers as well?

Definitely! Would you be interested? :grinning: @OH20_rbLX

Yep, I’m interested!

Awesome! Do you want me to send a PM with more info?

Yes, I’m a very good scripter!

Alright, I will send a PM.

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Right now, I think we need a person that can code a Cooking System.

Sure! Check your PMs shorty.