Exe is not working when I type "/exe" or press F2

It doesn’t work for me to run the command /exe and F2

Okay, have you followed the tutorial exactly? Also inside of your chat can you see the “/exe” command?

Yes, I followed the tutorial, I did the same as in the video and it doesn’t work for me

Can you show me a picture of your explorer with all of the classes expanded?

I didn’t understand you how I open my explorer

The Explorer is a window in Roblox Studio that shows the hierarchy of instances that are within the DataModel.

Image of explorer

source: Explorer | Roblox Wiki | Fandom.

I see your mistake, you forgot to unfold the folders:

  • Right click on the circled in red and click “ungroup” or press: Ctrl + U

If this fixes your issue mark it as solution.

It worked thank you big w

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