[EXE V4] "IDs permissions" are disabled

My problem is that when I put the IDs for Admin permissions, if I restart the servers or sometimes if I leave the experience, these IDs are automatically removed, then every now and then I must be placing them, is there a way to put some ID as Owner or Admin, and it stays saved without having to be placing them every time you restart?

These should be permeant as you set them in studio.

Even so, when I set the ID, the access to the panel is deleted after restarting the servers or if I log out from time to time from the experience.


So it works when you join, but when you restart the servers it doesn’t work?

Exactly, So every time I reboot the servers I have to set it manually.

Are you saving your game?

I just put the id of another account and my access was removed, it seems that it is every time I put another ID.

I put the Admin IDs in that file, isn’t there another way to add access to the panel?

Oh, I see what’s happening, you have the wrong end of the stick.

This is a numberValue, this means it’s purpose is to save numbers, this numberValue has property called value, this is where is recorded.

Each numberValue holds one value which can be changed programmatically or changed in Studio.

Because numberValue holds only value to add multiple admins what you need to do is duplicate Ctrl + D the numberValue with all of the ids of the users you want to have permissions.

I hope this answers your question: Please mark it as solution if it fixes your issue!

Thank you very much!!! it worked perfectly! :smiley: :heart:

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