Exe V4 panel help

Hi, I am trying to make it so the web hook in the exe panel records
every thing u do instead of just 3 presets? like record if someone TPs to who etc cause I can’t seem to find how to add more

Have you tried editing the source code?

Yeah but I can’t seem to get it to work cause I would need to add more stuff into the script and another script and its way too hard for me im not good at scripting at all

Right, this may be something too difficult for you to do on your own:

  • Have you considered learning lua from the basics up?

  • Have you considered hiring somebody to alter the logic for you? (Collaboration / Portfolio )

Nah im good at Lua I’ve been doing it for 1/2 years but im not at all good at editing code. the best thing I know is tweening and I know the basics of datastores

Give it a try: Maybe you’ll be better then you think.

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